What is HANSAM?

An association to support people with disabilities and help them connect to the wider world.

We can make interactive relationships between people, companies, other support groups, medical care and welfare providers, creating a wide network catering to the strengths of people with disabilities and helping them overcome any challenges they face. Our ultimate goal is a connected world in which everyone can find their value, use their individual strengths to bolster others weaknesses, a society that includes everyone.

Creating and promoting the "HANSAM" directory, a list of talented people with disabilities.

We can promote athletes, artists, and musicians and connect them to support networks that understand their ways of living and thinking. We can also help create business models for their art works and performances allowing self-sufficiency beyond the field of charity and welfare.

Our Mission

We would like to increase the scope of support networks helping people who face various obstacles involving their disabilities and illnesses. The power to change a handicap to a strength; a passion for overcoming adversity; ideas on how to find happiness in despair. People with disabilities are filled with such ideas and tips on how to change an intolerable society into one with a "new value of happiness" that we should be striving for, leading up to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, and beyond. Unfortunately, because of prejudice and discrimination, people with disabilities do not have much access to fields where they can hone their talents, show their excellent performance, and succeed. In order to create an inclusive society, we continue to conceive of ways we can help, finding networks to assist, and the means to support, the activities of people with disabilities.

Company Information

General Incorporated Association, association for HANdling the promotion of Sport, Art, and Music activities for people with disabilities.
9F, NV1 Bldg. 2-10-15, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Date of establishment
December 1st 2015
Takeshi Ikeda